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PD Special Divisions

The officers listed below are trained in the areas indicated and are available to assist you with any questions that you may have. If you would like more information on one of the divisions listed below. Please call 1-781-659-7979 and ask for the officers extension. Please leave your name, number and a message and the officer will return your call as soon as possible.

Mountain Bicycle Patrol

Sergeant Ron Fries  ext. 168
Officer Jeff Johnson ext.237
Officer Will Crowley ext. 236
Detective Dan Dooley ext. 123
Officer Sean Sutton ext. 245
Officer Bryan Resnick ext. 244
Craig Simpson ext. 239 

Sgt. Nurmenniemi ext. 121

Crime Prevention Officer
Officer Sean Sutton ext. 245

School Resource Officer
Rick Phelps Ext 243
Firearms Licensing

Ken Camerota Ext 243
Nate Morena - 241


Child Safety Seat Specialist
Officer Bryan Resnick ext. 2440
Officer Will Crowley ext. 236

Detective Division

Detective Jay McDevitt ext. 149
Detective Dan Dooley ext. 145

Sex Offender Registry
Detective Jay McDevitt ext.124
Detective Dan Dooley Ext 123   

Domestic Violence
Sergeant Urpo Nurmenniemi ext. 121
Firearms Instructor/Armorer
Bryan Resnick Ext 244
Officer Ken Camerota - Ext 234

 Metro Star
Officer Bryan Resnick - SWAT Ext 244
Officer Ken Camerota Ext 234

Motor Cycle Unit

 Officer Joe Esposito
Dan Dooley

SWAT Officer Ken Camerota Ext. 234

Motorcycle Unit
Officer Jeff Johnson Ext 136
Officer Scott Keene Ext 238
Officer Bob Meagher ext. 239 
Officer Bryan Resnick ext. 244
Officer Joe Esposito ext. 246

RAD Instructors

Detective Jay McDevitt, ext 124
Sgt Ron Fries, Ext 168

RAD Adult
Jeff Johnson, Ext 237

Kid RAD Instructors
Officer Ken Camerota - Ext 234

Detective Dan Dooley - Ext 123


Norwell Police Department

   300A washington Street
  Norwell,  Massachusetts  02061
  Theodore Ross, Chief
Carol Brzuszek, Deputy Chief
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