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Officer Nathan Morena is the Norwell Police Departments K-9 Officer.  Officer Morena began his career in 2013 and involved himself in many aspects of Norwell Police Departments programs.  He is currently the Taser Instructor, Firearms Licensing Officer, Mountain Bike Officer, RAD Instructor and Field Training Officer.  He has volunteered for various community activities and is excited for this new chapter in his career.  Izak is a 4 year old German Shepherd Belgian Malinois mix and is trained in both patrol and narcotics detection.

We began the K-9 program in 2017 as a result of Officer Morena fundraising for the cost of the K-9 and related equipment.  Officer Morena was able to hold fundraisers and received generous donations from both the business and residential community which allowed us to begin the program.  We are thankful for the support we received.

If anyone is interested in donating to further support the K-9 program you can do the following:  Drop a check off to the Police Station or mail a check to:

Norwell Police K-9 foundation (Non-profit)

300A Washington Street Norwell, MA 02061

Norwell Police K-9 Foundation Mission Statement:

The Norwell Police K-9 Foundation is a tax-exempt non-profit corporation created for charitable purposes. Its mission is to provide financial support to the Norwell Police Department’s K-9 Unit  including, but not limited to, a K-9, equipment and relative services to maintain a successful K-9 program.  Although the Norwell Police K-9 Foundation is entirely independent of the Norwell Police Department, the Foundation works in cooperation with the K-9 Unit to identify and provide needs that are unable to be funded through the regular budget.  The Foundation may promote positive police and community relations between the K-9 and area businesses, organizations, and individuals.  It creates public participation in a proactive program of awareness and education about the role of K-9 officers in law enforcement.  It also provides an avenue for the K-9 Unit to respond to the generosity of the community.